Orientation: Lesson 1.1 – Overview


Following is an orientation for a channel sales/marketing person, executive or intern who is new to the channel or to a company that sells through the channel. In addition, not every channel person has set up a new program from scratch, or been exposed to all of the channel concepts–so this is also a good review for experienced channel pros.

Welcome to the Basic Channel Orientation Course

If new to the company, or to the channel team then please review the following (whatever is currently available) before proceeding:

  • Review every major page of your company website. Know where everything is (you will need it if you have to direct a reseller to find content)
  • Know the price for your products
  • If your company already has a reseller program, review every single page (you’ll review it in more detail later–this is an overview)
  • Complete your own reseller application and view the e-mails and process already in place
  • The company channel marketing plan
  • The product competitive matrix (for whatever products you will promote)

Then proceed through the lessons. This course will systematically take you through many of the sections located throughout Chanimal, plus a few hidden sections and provide some unique downloads–so you will be fully orientated by the time you are through.

Take The Quiz

Each section is followed by a detailed quiz that you must pass to move on to the next section. There is a 80% passing rate and the sections usually contain 10-20 questions. You are allowed up to three tries to pass the material (and the questions change) and there is no timer. Fortunately, most of it is multiple choice and open book (it is important that you are exposed to and know where to find the information. Besides, you’ll internalize the information with use).


At the end of the final exam, you will be rewarded with a Chanimal University Channel Orientation Certificate of Completion (PDF format).  It is not as prestigious as the Certified Channel Manager Certificate, but there is also no cost. However, as you will discover, it will verify that you are up to speed (at least knowledge-wise) enough to get started, and more prepared than many of the industry channel managers.  It is also critical if you make any decisions regarding the channel (i.e., a manager or executive who decides channel policies), and is a gateway to the profession of channel management.

Lesson Materials

Additional Help

You are welcome to call or e-mail with questions or post inquiries within the Forum.  I’m happy to help.

Best of luck,

Ted Finch (aka Chanimal)

P.S. Each section will require you to either Mark Complete or Take Quiz after completing it.