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About This Elective CourseDirect Sales Certificate

This is a direct sales course for products and professional services–since direct sales is also a channel of distribution. Any good Channel Sales Manager also has to know how to sell first–or how they can help other salespeople with model calls, coaching calls, and sales training.

The Channel Sales Manager course contains similar content–but much of it is aimed at selling through a reseller. This course is about selling 100% direct. It also has more direct sales content, more closing, more details to overcome objections, etc. This course also includes selling both products and professional services. It covers both soft selling skills, and hard closing skills.

This is the sales material used to train thousands of direct sales reps, presented by a master that had some of the highest sales ratios in the industry (97.3% approach to presentation (company avg was 27%), 47.7% close (company avg was 24%), cancellation rate .01% (avg was 3%)).

The course training includes:

Direct Sales

  • Steps of the Sale. Includes pre-approach, the approach, setup, presentation, and close.
  • Pre-Approach. The information you need before calling on a prospect. Makes a big difference in your approach ratios.
  • Approach. Why most salespeople don’t have an approach, what are the best elements, and how this one concept can double your ratios.
  • Setting Appointments & The Setup. How to create a buying (vs selling) atmosphere and why it changes the entire perspective.
  • Presentation Skills & Personalized Demos. Learn the persuasive format, pacing, and tips learned from 80,000 presentations a week.
  • Demo Mechanics. Many seem obvious, yet are not followed. Learn voice pacing, the 3-second rule, how to be funny–make money, visual selling.
  • Group Presentations. The importance of seating, temperature, group dynamics, and visual distance.
  • Proper Dress. Yes, it always matters. How to avoid flaming attire, hellfire pants, and floating shoes, and what is the LOOK that makes the biggest difference.
  • 3rd Person Selling. Why you need it, when to use it, how to get it.
  • Price Savings Build-up. How to sell your price, what we learn from cheesy ads–that works, and how to sell value, not just initial price.
  • Closing Techniques. Learn the ABCs, Why close, Trial close, how many yes’s secures a sale, “the” close question, roller-coaster closing, first to talk takes the goods, and when to provide one more reason to buy.
  • Keep It Closed. Back to the Buyers Atmosphere, what you should leave behind, what must happen to succeed
  • More Closes. Closing with questions, my mother told me, assuming the close, the physical action close, best deal close, secondary question close, close with tie-downs, and more.
  • Overcoming Objections. Learn the famous Feel, Felt Found, why you should agree, how to treat objections as questions, how to overcome objections in advance.
  • Sales Resources. Websites, templates, worksheets – helping you sell by the numbers. Includes a 43-page editable sales manual and associated PowerPoints to build your own in-house sales team.

Sales Management

  • Situational Leadership. How to manage according to where they are–and how to get them to the next level. A “safe” management style for growing teams.
  • The Game of Work. Learn which metrics matter, how to leverage, how to improve, and how to self-motivate. Includes worksheets.
  • One Minute Manager – Revived. Timeless concepts from the original series applied directly to setting expectations, setting up a PAR, creating a PIP, and how to create a self-correcting team. Combined concepts from OMM, Putting the OMM to Work, Leadership, and the OMM, The OMSalesM.
  • Coaching & Model Calls. How to become the coach, including pre-call briefing, observations, why you NEVER save the sale, the wrap-up chat, and PIP–how to use your sales manual to teach to the standards. Plus, when and how to model.
  • Baseline Goal Setting. Learn the missing chapter from Stephen Covey’s 7 habits–how to set goals, why you must achieve before you raise, how the team raises the goal–and the massive increase you can expect.
  • Emotional Bank Accounts. Another Covey concept, explains a simple model to turn utility relationships into friendships and why it is critical with your sales team.
  • Motivation. Learn what motivates (hint–it’s not money), see proven examples, how to engrave carrots, contest ideas, and execution.

Professional Services

  • Product vs Services. How they differ, and how to setup.
  • How to Build a Services Team. How to setup, scale and grow.
  • Detailed Discovery. How to do proper discovery, either process of tools (including software systems)
  • Project Management. How to setup forms, systems, processes, and deadlines.
  • Perfect Delivery. Aligning your team for perfect execution. Up-front training, field quality control, reporting.
  • Change Request. How to manage changes in your requirements, how to plan in advance, charging the difference.
  • Confirmed Satisfaction. Ensuring everything was delivered, all expectations met, leverage success internally, refer new clients.