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About This Elective CourseSaaS & Affiliate Certificate

You’ll learn the specific differences for a SaaS product in the channel, including:

SaaS Specific

  • Define your model. You’ll review traditional vs SaaS models, including the difference between affiliates, referrals, levels, and even OEM. Plus, which elements of a partner program apply and which do not.
  • Distributors. Why you don’t need a traditional distributor, but you may want to consider a SaaS specific distributor and market place. Plus, how they add value and what to look for.
  • Pricing & Margins. SaaS products use a different pricing model. You’ll learn how to set your SaaS pricing, but also how to determine your SaaS margin including how much to pay, over what period to pay, who collects and who pays who, and how quick to pay. You’ll see multiple examples and models making it easy to determine exactly where to set your margin.
  • Recruiting. Learn how to find the right partners, how to contact and recruit them. You’ll also learn what they like and don’t like to see and elements that are critical to a SaaS partner.

Affiliate/Referral Programs

  • Affiliate Setup. If you refer only, you don’t need all the elements of a typical partner program. But you will need to consider form-based, vs affiliate software-based. Plus, select the right affiliate software, get it set up, getting connected to your shopping cart or referral page and more.
  • Configure Program. You’ll review levels, payouts, policies, margins (and how to determine), the agreement, plus unique content (depending on product type and price point. You’ll create referral text, testimonials (tips), banner ads (or not), videos, sample landing pages (SEO), and applicable collateral.
  • Affiliate Recruiting. How to identify the top market segments, associations, blogs, trade pubs, forums, plus the trick to get on the top of the major 50 directories, email campaigns, and recruiting waves.
  • Enablement. Which affiliates to avoid, how to get links, landing pages, videos, and banners setup. Plus, creating special webinars and events for affiliates to announce, newsletters, affiliate recognition, and more.

The course is very hands-on and we’ll enter systems, view samples, and screens. The course includes videos of PowerPoint, but also tactical setup in other systems.