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Ted Finch, CEO, Chanimal, Inc.

During the last 40+ years (since 1978), Ted Finch has held the following positions:

  • CEO. Chanimal, Inc. Has consulted with and helped over 600 companies (including GE, 3M, Sony, Intel, Adobe, Apple, Dell, Citrix, HP, Autodesk, PTC, Insperity, AMF, and hundreds of mid-to-small retail, enterprise, hardware, software, and SaaS companies).
  • CMO. SaaSMAX – world’s largest SaaS distributor and market place
  • Vice President of Marketing. $130 billion GE (within fastest growing Security division)
  • Sr. VP Marketing, Director. $38 billion Motorola (sat on marketing board and over strategy with semi-conductor sector)
  • Sr. VP Marketing. Metrowerks (over 92% market share with 58 different dev tools (CodeWarrior)). Was acquired by Motorola.
  • VP Marketing. Holt, Rhinehart & Winston – education division of $4 billion Harcourt (Neiman Marcus, General Cinemas, Seaworld, Harcourt Education).
  • VP Marketing. Goldmine (doubled in size 10 consecutive years, over 1 million users, #1 most-award winning CRM)
  • VP Marketing & Channel Sales. Virtus (which co-founded Red Storm Entertainment with noted author, Tom Clancy)
  • Director of Marketing. Ventana (part of $7 billion International Thomson, and publishers of three #1 best-selling products in the world (including Netscape and AOL))
  • Channel Marketing Manager. DCA (co-headed the channels for the 5th largest software company in the world at the time)
  • VP of Sales and Marketing and co-founder. Technology Advancement Group (now MarketStar)—a start-up that grew from 13 to over 4,000 people while launching tech products for over 150 companies (Microsoft, HP, Sony, Adobe, Autodesk, Ashton Tate, Word Perfect, Lotus, IBM)
  • Director of Sales and Marketing. Family Entertainment Network (winning almost every company award (Top Sales, Top Team, Top Region, Top Recruiter, Eye of the Tiger, Dare to Win, etc.) as the only Director to rise through all five levels of management reporting to the President while heading a 300+ sales and marketing team in the animation industry  competing with Hanna Barbara and Disney)
  • Missionary. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – successfully completing a two-year volunteer proselyting mission in New Zealand

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Career Highlights

Within his career he has helped launch hundreds of products and services for more than 600 vendors (including Microsoft, HP, Corel, IBM, WordPerfect, Adobe, Aldus, Intel, Disney, Sony, Canon, Digital Research, Creative Labs, Ingram Micro, Mattel, Epson, Apple, Novell, AOL, Franklin/Covey, Lotus, Peachtree, DCA, Ashton-Tate, Autodesk, and more).

He has executed over 1 million promotions, gone through five successful acquisitions, helped raise more than $27 million in funding, and lead the marketing team that published Netscape Navigator, the #1 best-selling software product that inaugurated the dot com era.

He also built the world’s largest high-tech launch company that grew from 13 to over 4,000 people, worked with Steve Case to launch American Online, wrote the marketing plan, and helped form Red Storm Entertainment with noted author, Tom Clancy. Has been quoted over 100 times on TV, Radio, Industry Magazines and within multiple books.

He has helped train over 10,000 channel managers world-wide. Click here to see client list, or view testimonials.

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