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Welcome to the Certified Channel Marketing Manager Training Course

This channel marketing training is one of the MAIN courses for Channel Marketing Managers, Directors, and VP’s who are responsible for Channel Marketing.

This course is still in development and will be available soon. The MAIN course for a Certified Channel Manager covers channel management, channel marketing and channel sales and is available now.

This new course defines your role (and how it differs from channel sales), covers the DETAILED industry best practice tactics to put your partner program together, including defining it, setting up the agreements, the portal, the forms, all the policies (leads, MDF, deal registration, NFR, etc.).

Plus, all the marketing content (competitive matrix, positioning, channel-optimized PowerPoint, the market info, white papers, videos, SEO landing page, demo scripts, pricing, and margins, plus more. In addition, it shows how to set up the database, the PRM, the recruiting emails, postcards, and alliance campaigns for mass recruiting.

And finally, you’ll learn how to run the orientation and marketing meetings, how to help promote through the partners, set up the certification training, along with setting your budget, forecasting, set up the annual partner conference, and more. It covers basics through advanced channel marketing with proven and DETAILED tactics.

It assumes you know nothing about any of these areas so you can put together a program from scratch, or refine an existing program using the industry’s proven best practices.

NOTE: If you purchased and it is not showing the course, then please REFRESH your browser and it will start the course. Thank you!

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See the promotional section on Channel Management (opens in its own window) for a DETAILED description of all the topics and content. Click HERE to view or download the Chanimal University Course Outline (PDF) to see how this course compares to the other main Chanimal courses. Please note, there is about 5% overlap of content between the courses (and sometimes the case studies are similar (but highlight different angles of the problem).

The three main courses all have the same terminology sections and several core areas that are similar (highlighted in blue in the PDF) since each discipline needs these “General Education” concepts since the subsequent content builds upon them. Don’t hesitate to skip anything that looks similar and don’t worry–there is PLENTY of material for your investment (the challenge is to keep it relevant and engaging).