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Welcome to the SaaS Channel Manager Training Course

This special 8-hour self-paced SaaS Channel Manager Training online course (delivered in five separate webinar classes – apx. 90-minutes each) will teach you the fundamentals of building, recruiting, and enabling a SaaS reseller channel. It is a joint venture between Chanimal & SaaSMAX.

The original class was presented as a live online webinar and this is the recording of the original lessons. It includes over 80 new and updated templates, instructions, and samples for 2020. It includes quizzes to increase comprehension and a certificate of completion.

It uses a live webinar format, so it does not have the same graphics, audio, and modular design of the latest courses–but the information is still incredibly valuable. See the original press release here (opens in its own window). Click HERE to view a PDF of detailed course agenda.

This course does not include any of the electives, but it has the same core channel foundation that it can also be used as one of the main prerequisite courses required to take any of the electives.

Promotional Pricing

The live webinar course was originally offered for $1,499, but now it is available for only $495 (with all-new, updated templates, samples, and documents for 2020).

Courses Include – for SaaS Channel Manager Training

  • LESSON 1: Channel Partner Programs: Your Competitive Advantage
  • LESSON 2: Defining Your Reseller Program
  • LESSON 3: Creating the Policies for Your Reseller Program
  • LESSON 4: Reseller Recruitment & Strategic Alliances
  • LESSON 5: Partner Enablement

Who should attend? SaaS CEOs, CMO’s, CRO’s, VP’s of Business Development and/or VP’s of Sales, SaaS Founders, SaaS Investors, existing Channel Managers (new or experienced) who may have never set up a “new” program, and anyone else who’s a stakeholder in a SaaS company’s success.

NOTE: If you purchased and it is not showing the course, then please REFRESH your browser and it will start the course. Thank you!

Bonus Resources

Those that take the course will have full access to all of the Chanimal content. This includes complete “Kits” for resellers, affiliates, alliances, positioning, and more. This is real content (none of that fluffy theory stuff) actually used to build over 600 channel programs (including some of the top programs in the world for Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Intel, Apple, Citrix, IBM and a LOT of start-ups).

It is like a complete channel management franchise that includes everything you will need to handle almost any channel issue you encounter. Chanimal is the only place in the world that has this kind of “street content” — and it is all-inclusive as part of the course.