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Course Overview

Do you want to take it for a test drive and see how the course material is put together? Whether it is boring or valuable?

This course contains lessons selected from the Certified Channel Manager (CCM) course and includes the video, the downloadable presentation, plus the actual downloadable content–there is also a quiz at the end of each lesson. Unlike the actual courses, which are linear, this course allows you to move between the lessons. However, if you take all four lessons, including the quizzes, you’ll get a special downloadable certificate of completion.

NOTE: If you enrolled and have returned here, and it is not showing the actual course, then please REFRESH your browser and it will start the course. Thank you!

This trial covers 4 lessons selected from the actual 31 lessons in the CCM course:

  • Lesson 4-2. Reseller portal and PRM–selection and setup
  • Lesson 4-6. How to determine your margins (reviews “points,” retail, SaaS, SMB – Enterprise)
  • Lesson 10-1. Partner Enablement – what to cover in the orientation, marketing meeting – tips & tricks
  • Lesson 13-2. Channel Sales – Closing Techniques

These lessons will take about 1 1/2 hours for just the video (about 3 hours total if you also review the accompanying material). There is NO cost for this course–but you will sign up like normal (there will be a $0 amount and it won’t require a credit card).

Note: These lessons may use terminology that you have not heard before. In the actual course, one of the first sections reviews all the terminology, and you are usually exposed to it multiple times–so it is easier to retain. This is one of the reasons the electives (each course includes one free elective) have one of the main courses as a prerequisite–since they won’t cover the terms or the concepts that you were expected to have learned previously.

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