Channel Sales

Review every page of the Channel Sales section (opens in its own window). Go to each section and select NEXT Page on the bottom to ensure you review every page.

Be prepared to know the following:

  • Pros and cons of using distributors
  • Review the websites of at least 3 of the main distributors and know their types
  • Know the reseller continuum
  • Who are the major rep firms?  Did you go to their websites?
  • Did you download a copy of a reseller agreement? (hint: you can see one in the sample reseller portal at portal.chanimal.com (branded SaaSMAX))

Now, take the quiz (you may wish to have the Channel Sales section open in another browser).


Course Overview – Free Channel Manager Training

This is a free basic channel manager training orientation course free channel manager trainingfor anyone who is new to the channel, has experience in some areas, but little in others, or wants a refresher course in channel management. To complete the free channel manager orientation course you must pass the final exam (so take notes and learn your material).

This should take about 4-6 hours to complete. Below is a list of lessons within the course. You will get a certificate of completion when you pass the final test.

NOTE: This course includes several videos and is fairly detailed, but a lot of the course is text-based and often takes you on a tour through the Chanimal content. It is not nearly as fancy as the paid course (the Certified Channel Manager course has 31 videos)–but this course is free. Take the TRIAL Course if you want to see what some of the higher-end course content looks like.

The checkmark next to each lesson below will turn green after you have completed this section–making it easy for you to start exactly where you left off if you need to return. You can also go to different sections by selecting the topic to the right (redundant navigation). You may also want to take the tutorial–shows shortcuts to return to lessons, navigation, etc.

Click the first lesson to begin. Need more advanced training? Then check out the Certified Channel Manager course, or get four detailed lessons with the free trial. Also, check out the resources at Chanimal.com.

Open Mic – LIVE help every Thursday

There is a live session where you can ask any questions or get any type of help every Thursday from 2-3 pm CST (Austin, TX) – holidays excluded. Sometimes it is filled with visitors, other times it is empty (so you get individual help). If nobody shows up after 15 minutes, then it is closed–otherwise, it is live for the entire hour.  Go to www.GoToMeet.me/TedFinch (no password is needed–give it a minute if not open yet (often coming off consulting calls)).

Thanks for viewing this course. Click the button to enroll and begin.