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Welcome to the Certified Channel Manager Training Course

This is the industry’s first, best-selling, and most comprehensive channel manager training course for high-tech Channel Management. This gold-standard online class will prepare you for any channel position, ranging from retail to enterprise, for hardware, software, and SaaS, including channel sales, channel marketing, and channel operations–so you are proficient in all aspects of channel management.

This page is only a basic description of the course, click HERE to see more details within the Chanimal Store, or click HERE (opens in its own window) to see the larger course description at Chanimal.com.

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See the promotional section on Channel Management (opens in its own window) for a DETAILED description of all the topics and content. Click HERE to view or download the Chanimal University Course Outline (PDF) to see how this course compares to the other main Chanimal courses. Please note, there is about 5% overlap of content between the courses (and sometimes the case studies are similar (but highlight different angles of the problem).

“Great education – unbelievable depth of content here. It is more than just a certificate – It is an MBA in the channel!” Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Forrester (2021 Channel Influencer of the Year)

The three main courses all have the same terminology sections and several core areas that are similar (highlighted in blue) since each discipline needs these “General Education” concepts since the subsequent content builds upon them. Don’t hesitate to skip anything that looks similar and don’t worry–there is PLENTY of material for your investment (the challenge is to keep it relevant and engaging).

Course Topics and Certification Channel Management Testing Include

  • Channel Management Defined
  • Preparing Your Company for Change
  • Defining Your Channel Program
  • Program Setup (systems, policies, process)
  • Content – Portal Content
  • Recruiting (Strategy)
  • Recruiting (Tactics)
  • Recruiting Alternative Channels
  • Enablement
  • Channel Motivation
  • Refining or Fixing Your Program
  • Channel Sales – Overview
  • Channel Operations
  • Resources (for You & Partners)

Exclusive to Channel Manager Training & Certification Course

Some of the course material can be found scattered throughout the 1,000+ pages of Chanimal.com.  But most of the content and the training sequence, ongoing quizzes, and section tests to become certified are exclusive to this actual course.

Bonus Resources

When you take the course, you will have full access to all of the Chanimal content. This includes complete “Kits” for resellers, affiliates, alliances, positioning, and more (over $700 worth of content). This is real content (none of that fluffy theory stuff) actually used to build over 600 channel programs (including some of the top programs in the world). This will be linked to a Resource section within each of the lessons.

It is like a complete channel management franchise that includes everything you will need to handle almost any channel issue you encounter. Chanimal is the only place in the world that has this kind of “street content” — and it is all-inclusive as you become a Certified Channel Manager.