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Ted Finch
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Alliance Manager Training

About This Elective CourseAlliances & OEM

You’ll learn the strategy, but also the tactical details about how to set up profitable alliances and OEM’s, including:

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  • Why & How to Create Them. We’ll define alliances, show how they are the FASTEST way to recruit resellers, give successful alliance examples, and describe when and how to set them up. We’ll go through the role of the alliance manager and objectives, how to get needed bandwidth, and whether alliances should be formal or informal.
  • Setup & Definition. We’ll review the alliance master plan of action, discover the acid test, and go through the complete alliance kit (including process, policies, and templates). We’ll create an alliance worksheet and work through categories, the business case for each type, identify complementary companies per category, and compile contacts.
  • Recruiting. We’ll discuss why you must NOT engage until you have done “this,” determine which groups to contact and who to talk with. What the first meeting agenda looks like, the initial call, and how to pitch and engage.
  • Leverage Alliance. We’ll review what you want out of it (hint – recruit their channel), the four legs of a stable alliance, the initial strategic meeting, and the three tactical meetings you must have. We’ll review the agendas and tactics, plus we’ll review the alliance pick list (by department), then cover project management, resources, templates, and worksheets. Essentially, how to make alliances pay off (including the example of recruiting over 1,000 partners from an alliance in 90 days).
  • Resources. Includes a complete affiliate kit with samples and templates of everything needed to create effective alliances.

OEM / White Label

  • Definition. We’ll define the difference between an alliance, OEM, and white label and which to use. We’ll review numerous creative examples and discuss how OEM can become a channel.
  • OEM License Agreement. Much of an OEM is determined by the unique license agreement. We’ll review what to look for, what to avoid, and what you want out of it.
  • Recruiting. How to identify the best targets, how to engage, present, and solidify.
  • Enablement. We’ll discuss the downfalls of OEMs and how to avoid them, how to be successful by helping your OEMs (instead of neglect), what they need, how to “franchise” a successful model, and how to keep your OEM or white labels growing.


  • This course requires one of the MAIN courses (Channel Management / Marketing or Sales as a prerequisite–since it will be using terms and approaches, and expounds on concepts that were covered in the prior courses.

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