Congratulations! You have made it to the FINAL Exam for the Certified Channel Manager training. You must pass this test with an 80% score to pass the course. It is comprised of 20 questions compiled from all the quizzes. You can re-take as needed and it is open book (you can go back and review any of the material to complete).

When completed you will be presented with the opportunity to download a high-resolution PDF.  If the name is incorrect, then go to ADMIN and correct it, then come back and you can re-generate your certificate with the proper name. A notification is then sent to Chanimal University and a printed certificate will be mailed to the address you have in the system (typically sent within 1-3 days and should arrive within the week).

You will also receive an email to take your one free elective. It includes its own set of lessons and tests and a certificate which will add to your qualifications.

Thank you for taking the course. Please go to support with any additional questions.

Ted Finch
CEO, Chanimal, Inc.